Tolix Chair Selection Considerations

- Dec 06, 2017-

As an important part of office and Office--the very importance of the tin chair, taking into account the long hours of work at the desk, a humane, well-designed metal chair can make work efficiency, eliminate the time to work caused by the sleepy, but the tin chair is not casually select so-called brand name, so it will spend money, The choice of tin chair and clothes need to be different from person to person, in the end should pay attention to which links?

I. Leather material

Metal Chair leather Material choice is more exquisite, because often use, so its permeability must be better, and wear-resistant, material selection on the dermis and more appropriate. To identify the leather material can be used to feel the elasticity of the hand, soft and plump, too soft skin filling will be due to the feeling of fatigue. Uniform sizing, with white friction after not coloring, the texture of the leather material is clear and consistent for good, no mosquito bite traces.


Metal chair of the rolling axle as the pressure components, quality also directly affect the use of the chair, material to be tough, wear-resistant, important is not too flexible roller skating, too flexible will lead to frequent movement of the boss chair, causing the waist leg excessive force.

III. Height, angle

The height of the iron chair and the angle of the backrest are very exquisite, generally do the foot can step on the ground is more appropriate, the angle of the knee is maintained at 90-100 degrees. The metal chair back in the close to the waist of the part to have a radian, so that after sitting, leaning back 30 degrees when the waist pressure minimum also the most comfortable.

IV. Air pressure support rod

It is very important to select the air pressure support rod which controls the elevation and decrease of the metal chair. Low-quality manufacturers because of the cost savings in production, the cylinder treatment is relatively simple, no additional buffer facilities, such as causing the pressure to break through the cylinder caused by the injury of the accident occurred frequently, consumers in the purchase of such metal chairs, can not covet small, Select qualified Manufacturers