What Are The Principles In The Design Of An Outdoor Iron Chair?

- Dec 06, 2017-

In today's social development trend, outdoor iron chairs have become a part of our life can not be a lack. However, the local shape and scale of outdoor iron chairs have great influence on the use, so we should follow certain design principles when we design, and introduce the design principle of the outdoor iron Chair.

1, outdoor iron chair sitting too high, so that the legs are suspended, not only the leg muscle pressure, and the upper leg, lower leg and back muscles are pulled by the state, will not be tired in a long time.

2, outdoor iron chair sitting face too low, if low to the knee angle or less than 90 ° people's body pressure too concentrated, abdominal muscle production squeeze can not guarantee the waist kotis the appropriate state of the vertebrae, affecting the back muscles, increase the load time of the back muscles, will cause pain and discomfort caused by fatigue.

3, the width of the sitting face of the outdoor iron chair, the width of the sitting face of the front length of the sitting face is too narrow, the muscles on both sides of the body have a feeling of being squeezed apart from being used properly. The width of the sitting face is too wide, the two arms must be extended outward, so that the latissimus dorsi and the triangular muscle of the shoulder are stretched. Both are prone to fatigue.

4, the length of the backrest dynamic range of large, can not be set back. Static work and dynamic rest to obtain the corresponding support without prejudice to work and activity is advisable, the backrest height can start from the lower first to second lumbar spine gradually increase, the highest can reach the scapula, neck. Static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head.