What Kind Of Dining Chair Can Be Customized To Meet The Needs Of Customers?

- Dec 06, 2017-

One: the proper setting of some single table

The main reason for the proper setting of some single tables in the restaurant is that many people are often embarrassed by strangers on the other side when they are eating. Set up a single table to better solve this customer needs.

Two: Set the $number person dining table

General restaurant tables and chairs are $number people, because this dining table and chair is the most practical, so not only to meet the needs of most customers, but also the restaurant's most economical scheme.

Three: Set up compartment

In fact, the restaurant's operating profit does not depend solely on the number of diners, but on the level of the consumer population. To improve the overall profit of the restaurant, private rooms are a good form. Private rooms for dining environment, will provide customers with a relatively closed and secretive space environment, so as to avoid outside interference. Most of the guests in the private dining room are not like to be disturbed, and small space for the service level is also a certain demand, and can extend the dining time of guests, then the cost of meals can also increase, which is extremely advantageous to the owners of the operation. The design of the package must conform to the design style of the dining room, so that the restaurant environment will be more harmonious.

Four: Large dining room to set up a big round table

In general large-scale restaurants, tables are generally in the form of large round tables, and such tables are mainly designed for group dining. The restaurant's recipes are complex, the meal time is also very long, the serving time may last one hours, then the guests will need more time to chat.